How To Get Rid Of Low Libido In Women Without Any Side Effects?


Lack of libido or lack of desire towards lovemaking is common in women as compared to men. The American Medical Association has estimated that several million women from the United States suffer from a condition called as Female Sexual Arousal Disorder or FSAD. The thing here is that most of these women do not have any problems with reaching orgasm, but they lack desire towards lovemaking. Even though, some women do not want to get into lovemaking anymore, some have the question ‘how to get rid of low libido?’

Herbal remedy for relief: For those, who are highly concerned about this lack of interest and intention towards lovemaking, the herbal remedy called as Kamni capsules can come handy. These are herbal remedies with all natural herbal ingredients with the ability to address low libido and frigidity issues in women. These capsules will work towards addressing hormonal imbalances, which are stated to be the important contributors towards low libido in most women.

Some ingredients in these capsules act as tonic towards strengthening the reproductive system, while some of them with natural aphrodisiac properties will work towards improving interest in lovemaking. Some of them also work towards naturally stimulating the nervous system and will set mood for repeated episodes of lovemaking. Some ingredients also increase the blood flow to the genitals and work towards preventing vaginal dryness, which is stated to be one of the reasons behind low libido in some women. So, each ingredient in these capsules work in their own way to bring the ideal answer to the question ‘how to get rid of low libido in female’.

Ingredients in Kamni capsules:

Ras Sindoor: This is actually an ayurvedic preparation made from mercury. It can bring about overall body rejuvenation and it can address weakness. It can also address respiratory problems like asthma, cold and cough, besides addressing genital disorders and urinary problems, which can prevent women from gaining interest towards lovemaking. It is also a cardiac stimulant and it is good for heart as well. All these things made it the part of Kamni capsules.

Nag bhasma: This is yet another ayurvedic preparation made from lead. It is known to be effective in treating a wide range of ailments like asthma, liver diseases, skin disorders, diabetes, etc. It can address non-healing wounds, white discharge as well. These problems in the genital passage can prevent women from lovemaking and so this ingredient is added to provide answer to the question how to get rid of low libido. In addition, it can balance kapha, vata and pitta doshas as well.

Abhrak bhasma: This ingredient in Kamni capsules is also an ayurvedic preparation from mica and it can address skin diseases, urinary disorders and asthma. In addition, it is effective for its anti-aging benefits. So, if age is the reason for low libido, it will be addressed with this ingredient in Kamni capsules, thereby providing safe answer to the question ‘how to get rid of low libido?’

Apart from these ingredients, these capsules have other ayurvedic preparations made from iron and tin metal to provide safe and ideal answer to women looking for safe answer to how to get rid of low libido.

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