4 Things to Consider While Visiting a Gynecologist for the First Time


Visiting Gynecologist for the first time may be a bit uncomfortable for you especially if you are young or teenager. It might also be a bit uncomfortable for the females of second tier cities like Jaipur. They are aware of the importance of seeing a gynecologist but are restricted by their conservative thinking and first time apprehensions.

Some females are extremely shy and might not be able to discuss freely with their gynecologist. Here one thing should be remembered, that talking to your gynecologist needs you to be bold, open and as honest as possible. Because it is only you who know best about your body system and changes and your gynecologist’s activities and tests would be based entirely upon the information given by you.

Here are some useful tips while visiting your gynecologist:


There are many leading gynecologists in Jaipur belonging to either gender. But you should make sure that you should be comfortable while discussing your problems with gynecologist. So it is always recommendable to go for female gynecologist especially if you belong to a conservative thinking. It will also get you rid of being dependent upon your husband while going to see the gynecologist as most of women can’t go to male gynecologist without being accompanied by their husbands. As belonging to the same gender, female gynecologist can understand your complications more precisely than male gynecologist.


One oft-repeated mistake made by most of women is to feel shy while discussing your problems. Remember, your gynecologist would like to know complete details regarding your sexual activities and organs. So, be ready to discuss any such topic openly. Your shyness can prevent gynecologist from identifying the real problem that can be harmful to you. So when going to gynecologist ready to answer any question of any sort without shying.

Pregnancy Test

For pregnancy test there might be couple of procedures you might need to go though. So if you feel apprehensive or your body cannot accommodate any particular procedure, it is recommendable to fix an introductory appointment with gynecologist. During this meeting you will only discuss your problems and concerns without going through any procedures or testing. Based on this discussion your gynecologist with decide the testing best suited t your condition and body type. Also if your pregnancy test is positive be sure to discuss thoroughly regarding all the precautions you need to take, the ideal diet, food to be avoided etc.


It is one of the major yet oft-ignored aspects while meeting your gynecologist. Gynecology is a complex science and many sophisticated tests and procedures are required that come for a high price. So it is advisable to discuss your gynecologist about the fees and other charges involved in any procedure and openly disclose your financial condition in case if you belong to middle income group. A genuine gynecologist can suggest you the best yet more economical substitutes.

Keeping these 4 things in mind, you can always be sure that you have shared all the relevant information with your gynecologist. And one more thing, be very careful while selecting the gynecologist and avoid changing your gynecologist frequently as it may be harmful for your sexual health.

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Women of second tier cities like Jaipur are more conservative and might feel uncomfortable while visiting gynecologist. However it is strongly advisable to be as honest as possible while discussing your condition with gynecologist. There is any leading Gynecologist in Jaipur providing world class gynecological services but the patient need to be honest while discussing their r gynecological problems.

By Avinash Saraswat



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