ED- Bane of Sex Life or Warning of Impending Danger?


Erectile dysfunction is a much laughed about medical condition, isn’t it? You will find that the only instance a man will be comfortable talking about this condition is when making fun of it. Flaccid penis jokes are probably among the most forwarded today. But is erectile dysfunction just a roadblock in your sex life or is it an indicator of something more serious? Is it a problem that should be remedied with a kamagra pill or are there other factors that must be considered? Read on to find out more.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a type of sexual dysfunction which affects a man’s ability to maintain an erection of the penis during sex. So as you can imagine it’s a big problem. No erections directly translate to no sex, at least for you. Erectile dysfunction can short term or long term. Short term ED can be caused due to excessive drinking or smoking. It mostly might lead to a random incident of impotence which does not repeat. Long term ED however is more regular in its occurrence and is usually observed among men of ages above 45 even though it could occur to all men above the age of 18.

Can ED be more dangerous than it appears?

An episode of ED can cause a panicky reaction in any man. Often times the urgency is in trying to eliminate the ED itself rather than trying to locate the root cause. This could lead to use of medications such as sildenafil generic without actually visiting the doctor. This is a huge mistake. Long term erection is caused due to symptoms such as

*High blood pressure
*High cholesterol
*Anxiety, stress and depression

As you can see from the above mentioned symptoms most of them are cardiovascular in nature. Not only that in many instances these symptoms are as yet undetected. So by choosing to use sildenafil generic medications instead of identifying the root cause you are neglecting these symptoms that act as the root cause. Therefore these serious cardio vascular symptoms remain undetected which could lead to a major cardiac episode in the future.

When to use ED medications?

Firstly it must be remembered that ED can only be completely overcome by isolating the root cause and looking to overcome it. Medications like sildenafil generic merely work as band aids. They will help to overcome the effects of ED without having any effect on the core condition. But in some instances it’s impossible to overcome the core symptoms due to advanced age or other restrictions. In such cases use of ED medications will help men continue to lead a normal sex life. Also if ED is caused by severe anxiety than medications can act as a big confidence booster helping you overcome the anxiety.

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