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If you are amongst the 30 million American men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction then instead of getting depressed you should speak to your doctor about it and seek proper treatment to cure it. There are a number of treatments available for curing erectile dysfunction. We will explore some of this treatment and also will know about the sildenafil generic medications.

Buying this medication from outside can be expensive, but when you buy the generic medication from us, you not only get the quality medication but also get it at an unbeatable price. One of the effective ED medications such namely Sildigra is available at our website and you can order it by visiting our product section.

The Sildigra 100 mg cures your erectile dysfunction by promoting the increased blood flow in the penile region and helping a man suffering from ED to achieve and maintain an erection throughout sexual activity. Sexual stimulation is required along with the ED medication for a man to get an erection. Sildigra is meant to be taken orally an hour prior engaging into a sexual activity. The effects of this medication last for 8-12 hours allowing a person to have the successful erection during this tenure.

Other treatment available for treating ED

There is a number of treatment available to cure erectile dysfunction, before the invention of the medication of erectile dysfunction medications, some of these treatments were used to cure erectile dysfunction.

* Healthy lifestyle changes
* pumps
* surgery
* implants

Surgery and implants are the extreme treatments which are prone to be unsuccessful. Another type of treatment includes the usage of a pump with which the flow of blood is forced towards the penile region; it is also a tedious type of treatment.

Out of these treatments ED medication along with some positive lifestyle changes can be really beneficial in curing and tackling erectile dysfunction.

How does a lifestyle change help in treating Erectile dysfunction?

Some of the lifestyle changes which help in curing erectile dysfunction include-
Exercising – aerobic and abdominal exercises strengthen the core muscles and also promote the blood flow throughout the body and also the penile region. Regular exercise not only helps you to stay healthy but also helps you helps you maintain your body weight and decreasing the chances of obesity which can be a cause erectile dysfunction along with diabetes and blood pressure problems.
Curbing alcohol consumption and quitting smoking- Alcohol consumption and smoking damage the blood vessel and this can be a major cause of erectile dysfunction. Controlling the consumption of alcohol and quitting smoking and really help in restoring the blood flow into the penile region curing the ED. Healthy food- nutrient and mineral enriched food, vitamin b-12 enriched, flavonoid-enriched food can really help in restoring your sexual health.


Erectile dysfunction can be easily treated by using the correct medication and bringing some posuistibe lifestyle changes. You just need to keep a positive approach and do the necessary.

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