Viagra? Naah I Prefer Generic Sildenafil Citrate


That would be the standard reply from an increasing number of men who now prefer to buy affordable generic medications of Viagra such as filagra. For many years the word ‘erectile dysfunction’ was often accompanied by ‘buy Viagra’, but not anymore. A new breed of customers is emerging one who are smarter and more cost conscious. Erectile dysfunction is a type of sexual dysfunction that prevents men from leading a normal sex life as it affects their ability to achieve and sustain firm erections of the penis. Viagra medications are very effective in helping men achieve erections despite suffering from ED and thus allow them to have a normal sex life.

No more Viagra

The current trend towards buying generic medications is not in any way reflective of a lack of effectiveness of brand name medications but reflective of the expensive rates at which those medications are sold. It’s no big secret that the cost of medications in the United States is on the higher side as the government (still) does not place any restrictions on the rates at which the medications can be sold by pharmaceutical companies. Combine that with the fact that the cost of launching medications in the US is high as it involves great expenditure towards research, clinical trials as well as expensive lobbying for drug approval, then it does not come as a big surprise that the cost of the medications is on average almost 30-50% greater than other developed countries.

Generic manufacturers on the other hand don’t have any such expenses as they don’t have to conduct research and development as well as expensive clinical trials. As the cost involved is far lower it allows generic manufacturers to sell their medications at lower rates.

What’s sildenafil citrate?

Sildenafil citrate is the core acting ingredient in both generic as well as brand name Viagra medications. It’s a PDE5 inhibitor that counteracts the effects of erectile dysfunction by improving blood flow into the penis. Firstly the proportion of nitric oxide in the penile region is increased by inhibiting c-GMP. Nitric oxide relaxes the muscles in the corpus cavernosum region of the penis. This region in the penis holds most of blood that’s supplied into the penis during sexual stimulation. Thus the blood vessels widen due to the muscle relaxation and supplies enhanced amounts of blood to the penis when it dilates.

Is there any difference in how generic and brand name medications work? No absolutely not. As already mentioned both medications contain the same active ingredient that too in identical doses manufactured using the same technology. FDA approved generic medications also have successfully established bio equivalence which means that it works in the same way when inside the body as expensive brand name medications. The great advantage of buying generic sildenafil citrate is that it can be done at fraction of the cost

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