Oral sex can spread wet wart


Oral sex can spread wet wart

Yes, of course, although in the eyes of most people oral sex is borderline sex, not sex in the usual sense. But from the essence of oral sex and sexual intercourse is not too big difference, as long as the skin mucosa contact, one party has acuteness wet wart, the other party is easy to be infected. We also see in clinical many oral tongue parts, and even the lips of the site long condyloma acuminatum cases. So, if sexual contact, even if there is oral sex, is to take protective measures, or oral sex is completely can get acuteness wet wart. Likewise, oral sex can be used for genital herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and other venereal diseases. In the oral sex behavior, if you can timely clean mouth, including brushing, mouthwash, etc., the probability of infection warts, or other sexually transmitted diseases can reduce, sometimes after the behavior, don’t know if you have infection, can go to a hospital doing an HPV is HPV testing, the test should pay attention to check the low-risk type of HPV, don’t just check high-risk type, by looking at in oral HPV low-risk type, can indirect judgment have the risk of genital warts.



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