Grammarly: my private grammar teacher


People who need to write in English must have heard about 1checker, an English grammar check and error correction software, but there are not many tools that can help users improve their English writing skills. Today we introduce a cross-platform English writing tool: Grammarly, to see what its strengths are.

Grammarly can be used in PC / MAC / Web / Office Suite (the only PC version is supported). With Safari / Chrome plug-in on the web, you can call Grammarly at any time in the text editing of the web page to check the word application. Next, we will mainly introduce the basic functions and advanced functions of Grammarly.

You can paste the full text of the article directly into grammar, or import the article file directly.

Grammarly provides basic functions such as spell checking, contextual spelling checking, grammar correction, punctuation correction, sentence structure correction, etc. in advanced functions, you can also enjoy document type prediction according to different types of Article proofreading, article originality, word recommendation, and article proofreading services.

After importing the article, Grammarly will automatically check the whole article. You can see a real-time statistics column at the bottom of the window, which shows document type, number of words, number of questions, and the comprehensive score given by Grammarly after checking according to the above several proofreading angles to help users improve the article.

After checking, all the problems and suggestions found will be displayed on the right side of the article, and the text or paragraph with problems will be marked with green lines below.

In general, Grammarly is powerful. It can provide novice users with five major grammar checks such as word spelling and synonym recommendations, and it can also provide professional users with articles such as Plagiarism and Proofreading. If you subscribe to the Premium Plan, it supports 7 days no reason to refund), more advanced grammar guidance, word recommendation, and other features, the Premium Plan From $11.66 per month if billed annually. Let’s try it for free



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