The two methods of breakfast bread, the salty sweet mouth can be satisfied


Eating bread for breakfast is the habit of many young girls nowadays. Bread can maintain a long-lasting taste and is easy to eat on the road. It has become a must-have for many working women. Bread can also be made at home, and it can be made into more novelty. Share two exquisite woven breads, sweet and sweet to choose from.


First, sweet mouth chocolate bread

The chocolate roll bread is very layered, and the chocolate and bread are wrapped in layers, and the rich sweet mouth makes the early morning sweet. After kneading the dough, put it in the refrigerator to wake up, take it out again and roll the dough into a round shape. After the chocolate and butter are melted together, apply a layer and roll the dough up.


To create a nice bevel, cut the dough longitudinally in half. Then re-entangle the two cakes and knead the ends. Put it in the oven and wait for it to be completely cooked, the surface becomes a good-looking burnt yellow. When you want to eat, the surface of the cocoa powder will be more intense, satisfying the taste of the girl who likes chocolate.

After cutting the section, there will be a very nice texture. The stomata of the bread makes it soft, and the chocolate sauce melted in it is still very tasty after it is cold.

Second, salty ham bread


Hide the rich taste of the pizza in the long loaf and enjoy it at any time. Prepare the sauce, basil leaves, ham and other materials needed for the pizza. Knead the fermented dough into two doughs of the same size, apply a layer of sauce, put all kinds of ingredients, put the cheese on top, and lay another layer of cake on top.

After slightly compacting, press the edges of the two cakes together to twist. The dough will be stretched and some spices will be wrapped in the cracks. Sprinkle some white sesame seeds and put them into the oven.

Make a tomato and basil sauce. After the bread is baked, you can sip it and taste more delicious. After the cheese melts, it is blended with the filling and brushed. The crunchy surface of the chewy bread is smashed with fragrant sesame.

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