Signs And Symptoms Of Concussion Head Injuries


Signs And Symptoms Of Concussion Head Injuries

One way to explain it without medical jargon is that the brain inside the skull is “floating” in a fluid that fills the space between brain and bone. As a result of a direct hit on the head, either a blow or a fall, the brain hits against the walls of the skull. Depending on the intensity of the blow can even lose consciousness.

There are varying degrees of head trauma (the technical name of the shock). The most common is mild, but may be of varying severity.

If you train with common sense should not produce this type of accident. It is assumed that in everyday practice is not practiced full contact. Many martial arts competition expressly forbid giving blows to the head (karate) or use helmets (tae kwon do).

However, if you practice for a competition you are running a risk. Of course, in full contact sports (boxing, full contact) blows to the head are guaranteed, but there are doctors prepared.

Mild concussion symptoms

Signs And Symptoms Of Concussion Head Injuries

  • Pale.
  • Slight loss of consciousness, which is usually not longer than one minute. In some cases it is so brief that the injury does not appear to have been unconscious at any time.
  • Loss of balance.
  • Headache.
  • Dullness sensory (“stunning”). For a moment you cannot recognize people or know where he is.
  • Motor discoordination.
  • Sometimes nausea.

Severe cases of concussion

Without going into details, because it is the physician who has to assess the extent of injury, neurological problems can be suffered and also limb paralysis, amnesia, impaired vision, abnormal stress pulse, and breathing problems.

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In Adults:

Walking and thinking at the same time may prove particularly difficult for people who have suffered concussions. Now, scientists hope to use radar to detect simple enough quickly the presence of head injury in humans, using for this purpose in the difficulty, sometimes subtle, implies that for such people to walk and think at the same time.

This simple test that could be done on the spot where the person has been hit, has the potential to assist medical staff in sports or elsewhere, to decide whether athletes or soldiers, firefighters or other professionals can continue their activities or need to be discharged.

Signs And Symptoms Of Concussion Head InjuriesWhen a person with a concussion simultaneously performs a task requiring cognitive skills and one that requires motor skills, has a different walk of a healthy individual and the team of Jennifer Palmer by radar can identify these abnormalities in gait.

In the world are diagnosed each year many concussions and other mild head injury. Only in the United States are more than a million.

Detect concussions immediately after they happen can improve treatment and prevent further injury or other health problems over time.

However, diagnose concussions can be difficult because the symptoms of a concussion are not always readily visible or detectable, although that last weeks or months after the subject had been hit.

Most existing methods for detecting concussions focus exclusively on detecting cognitive impairment, and do not assess the deterioration of motor skills.

In Toddlers And Children:

It is estimated that every year, hospital emergency rooms at U.S.A. treat 135000 children and adolescents aged five to eighteen traumatic brain injury related to sports and recreational activities. Concussions account for the enormous majority of these injuries.

But we must not believe that all concussions are caused by contact sports. Injuries in soccer and football are frequent, but other actions related with traumatic brain lesions include activities in the playground and bicycling.

Even the animation, which places a greater emphasis on maneuvers difficult, has turn into a growing cause of concussions. Many suffer a concussion because someone did not grab for a spectacular act or because of a false step when doing an acrobatic maneuver.

Concussions are complicated to detect. Signs of concussion sometimes appear days after the harm. Even doctors find it hard to distinguish concussions for the reason that normal brain scans such as CT scans and MRI cannot identify with any certainty degree.

The child has suffered a concussion if any of these signs:

  • The person seems to be stunned or dazed
  • Moves clumsily and have trouble maintaining balance
  • Loses perception, even for an instant
  • Seems confused about details of where and what was he or she doing
  • It behaves strangely or atypical
  • If the child suffers a headache
  • If the child is vomiting or has nausea
  • Has sensitivity to light or noise
  • Reports blurred vision

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Signs And Symptoms Of Concussion Head Injuries


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