How To Avoid Gallstones With Herbal Supplements Safely?


Stones can be formed in the gallbladder or the bile ducts due to the hardening of bilirubin or cholesterol. Intake of unsafe foods, chemicals and certain drugs can be responsible for the formation of gallstones e.g. Birth control pills and cholesterol medicines can cause the formation of stones in the gallbladder. Obesity, endocrine imbalance (estrogen imbalance in women) and diabetes are also linked to the formation of gallstones that can be extremely painful health condition. In Ayurveda, cholesterol or white hardened fatty substance is considered akin to toxins as it blocks the natural flow of body energy. The human body is naturally equipped to eliminate waste but sometimes, the natural process of elimination is disrupted and to recover from the incapability of the body to function properly, herbs are taken. One can avoid gallstones with herbal supplements as phyto chemicals can dissolve different kind of toxins and flush it out from our body system in a natural manner.

Herbs not only dissolve the hardened cholesterol or bilirubin, it even gets rid of infections of inflammation to the area caused by such crystal formations. Kid Clear capsules are widely used to avoid gallstones with herbal supplements and Apium graveolens is one of the ingredients of the capsule.

Apium graveolens is delicious crunchy food which got famous due to the presence of compound pthalides that is known to be effective in relaxing the arteries and muscles to regulate blood pressure and promote dilation of blood vessels. The compound helps in reducing stress and when was given to animals, it helped in reducing blood pressure. The effect in the level of reduction in blood pressure was equivalent to the effect observed by humans, who were given four stalks of Apium graveolens.

Also it has cholesterol lowering capabilities which makes it appropriate ingredient to be used in the preparation of gallbladder stones. A study on animals showed it can significantly reduce total cholesterol by increasing the bile acid secretion.

The plant Apium graveolens has water removing properties and is normally recommended by nutritionists as it can eliminate toxins from the body effectively. It also calms brains and improves concentration. It can improve brain power as it has high concentration of minerals.

Cholesterol stones are most common form of gallstones and the pigmented stones in gallbladder are mainly formed from bilirubin which is formed due to the breakdown of RBC. Ayurveda mentions the herb Pashanbhed or Saxifraga ligulata that is used to avoid gallstones with herbal supplements. The herb can be taken for breaking up stones and getting rid of infections. Sushruta Samhita (written in 170 AD 340 BC) explains the use of Pashanbhed and Ashnibhid for the elimination of stones from urinary tract and gallbladder. Pashanbhed is also used for uric acid calculi and Ashnibhid can be taken for biliary calculi. Prashanbheda or Saxifrega ligulatav is one such herb which can get rid of infections from the tract and dissolve stones, without any side effects. One can avoid gallstones with herbal supplements as herbs provide safe mechanism to eliminate stones.

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