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This Site Receives Direct Monetary Compensation
from Affiliate Links to Outside Websites.I am an affiliate for some of the products on this website. As such, I receive a commission when one of my visitors chooses to purchase a product.
The type of compensation may vary, from receiving payment for a product or service, or receiving complementary products or services. Shealthlife.com is likely to receive monetary compensation when you make a purchase for a product or service after clicking the affiliate link displayed.

Material Connection

Unless we have stated otherwise, you should always assume that there exists a material connection between the Shealthlife.com and the providers of the products and services we reference. It should be noted that this is not always the case.

Good Faith Recommendations

The the majority of cases we have personally tried the products or services we review and recommend. If this was not possible, we done our best to fully research any product or service referenced on this sites. All reviews are honest and fair, and we try our best to be balanced. All visitors are strongly cautioned to conduct their own due diligence prior to making a purchase displayed on this site.


All testimonials appearing on our site are verified to be true. They are treated as average user expectations based on the information that was available at the time of publishing them. They are not exaggerations of user results which we do not entertain in any form. If a claim sounds untrue then the we regard this as such and do not publish this on the website.

Our aim is to be 100% honest at all times. If however you find something displayed on this site, which you do not agree with, then please contact us immediately and we will look into it. We reserve the right to withdraw the display of any product or service that does not reach our very high levels of satisfaction without any prior notice. Honesty and integrity is important to us at all times.

Potential Bias and Due Diligence

Our opinion about a product or service may be partially formed in part on the fact that it is likely we receive compensation for the product or service. The nature of the relationship is sufficient to establish a material connection between Shealthlife.com and the provider. There are instances where we will not receive compensation relating to the products or services on this website. You should assume that Shealthlife.com has a material relationship with the product or services suppliers, because the owner has received or is likely to receive something of monetary value from the supplier. You should always perform your own due diligence before purchasing a product or service mentioned on this website.