Medical Knowledge and Privacy for the Egg Donors


It is important to have knowledge of things in whatever you do. The egg donors in such case tries to help the family and couples but they should be really careful and should have knowledge as to what is going to happen with them and should take care of their health as well. There are many young women who try to help a couple out of affection, but she must be careful and should take care of her own health as well. Being an egg donor in India can be satisfying both economically and emotionally but there are certain things you must keep in mind. Here is the medical knowledge and Privacy of the Egg Donors that the donors should keep in mind.

1. You should get tests done, which will be even beneficial for your own health.
2. These tests are usually free and the doctors charge no fee for the same.
3. If the donor in future wants to grow her own family, then she must carefully observe the things and her level of fertility and if it is low then she must help herself by improving it.
4. She must also observe her egg production, and they should carefully listen to what the doctors have to say, as it will be for their own benefit.
5. The donors should team up with those people who have been into the business and those who understand what is happening and how things have to be treated.
6. The information that you gather during the operation, should be kept as a secret and confidential and if you wish to share the details you can as it is totally up to you and no one can force you for the same.
7. Tie up only with those agencies that have been working in this sector for years and who understand this.
8. The doctors will not charge you any fees for all the tests that are conducted.
9. The tests will include Blood work; cultures; hepatitis; Rh incompatibility; HTLV-1. The tests also include the evaluation of the eggs. The women who have been donating eggs for a long time should also take care of their heath.

It can be very emotional and economically satisfying for the donors, but while doing these tests the doctors tells you a lot about your own health conditions, you must take a note of all these things and should listen to them carefully as they are for your benefits. The egg donors are like angles that help the couples in building the families and make their life happy.

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In return the agencies and the doctors should be very supportive and compassionate about what they are doing and should encourage the Egg donors in India more and help them building the new families.

By Aveya IVF



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