Boost Your Metabolic Rate in 7 Days


Metabolism is a very important tool when it comes to fat- burning and a really crucial part of any weight loss program. The truth is, if you can’t boost your body’s metabolic rate, then trying to burn fat might just be a complete waste of time.

Metabolism is simply the process through which the body burns calories and make energy available for the body. At a young age, weight gain is inhibited because of the muscle mass that store up energy, but as you advance in age, you gradually lose those muscles and body fats begin to accumulate. As this continues, your metabolic rate slows down and weight loss at this stage becomes a mirage.

However, with a well detailed 7-day regime on how to increase your metabolic rate, you can get back on track.

Day 1: Know your metabolic rate

Your metabolism is like the internal engine of a car and there are things that can be done to make it work more efficiently and serve you better. You must find out your body’s metabolic rate; this should be your first port of call to start shedding that fat in your body. You must be arm with data such as the number of calories your body needs for weight gain to kick in, then you’ll know how to leverage on that information to actually boost your metabolic rate to burn that body fat quickly and effectively too.

Day 2: Reduce calorie intake to 100 per day

Calories are important part of our existence, for the fact that they give energy to our cells to carry out their functions. One can’t get by without calories because they serve as the body’s fuel to perform its work. Without calories, our body won’t have the capacity to move.

Be that as it may, an excess of calories is undesirable, and because of that, it’s used up and converted to body fat. Body fats are important to give protection to the body, yet an excess of fat can cause intense ailments. Consequently, we should just consume a certain measure of calories and store enough body fats for us to remain healthy. If you’ve got an excess of body fats, then the time is now, to chop down the additional calories. The question:”How to lose calories?” becomes the primary concern to keep up a physically fit body.

The proper thing to do here is to reduce your calorie intake to 100 on a daily basis, and as such your body readjusts to make this possible.

Day 3: Include protein in your diet

Eat more protein. Presently, this doesn’t mean you need to go beyond limits, yet it will be useful to have protein at each of your meals. Your body burns calories to process the food you eat and when you eat protein, your body has some major snags breaking this nutrient down. This is an advantage for you on the grounds that this additional energy expected to process protein will boost your metabolism. It is a known fact that when your body digests protein, it does it by burning twice as much as calories than it would when digesting carbohydrates. You can include a meal that contains fish in your diet twice per week; halibut fish or salmon may be a good choice to go with, as they’re composed of omega-3 fatty acids that enhance the enzymes that aids your fat- burning Sameh Michael



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