Why Surrogacy Could Be The Best Option For You?


Surrogacy means when another woman helps a couple in giving birth to a child, by carrying their egg in her body. A lot of women abroad opt for this option who suffers from a health problem and few of them who are working and cannot afford to take leaves. Those women also opt for surrogacy. It is always beautiful to start your own family, and have kids. But sometimes fate has something else in the store. But that doesn’t mean you can dishearten yourself. There are various other ways that are available.

The Reasons for Surrogacy:

Many women are able to produce healthy eggs, but are not able to get pregnant. In such a case, surrogacy plays an important role. The surrogate mother will carry your egg and she will help you in giving birth to a child and you will be biological mother of the child.

Methods of Surrogacy:

There are two methods in which you can get surrogacy. One is a traditional method where the surrogate is both the donor and carrier of the embryo. Here the sperm is taken from the child’s biological father and is implanted in the surrogate mother by using techniques. The other method is gestational Surrogacy process, where the embryo is made by using the sperm of the biological father and the egg of the biological mother and then the embryo is created by using in vitro process. In this method the parents are the biological parents. Both the processes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Though the traditional method is comparatively cheap and a person can give several attempts to that particular process.

There are many factors that play a role during a surrogacy:

If you are planning to get a surrogate mother then you must take care of certain things that is- The capability of the surrogate to get pregnant; The age of the egg donor (if they are involved); The success of the procedures such as IUI and IVF; The quality of the gamete provided by the couple who are commissioning it; And you should be very careful with the age of the woman who is providing the egg, as it plays a major role during pregnancy.

Why is it good for you?

If you are a working woman and you cannot skip your job, or if you are fertile, but you are still not able to get pregnant, then surrogacy could be the best option for you. Who doesn’t want a baby? Everyone wants to build a family and live happily thereafter. But due to certain circumstances, not every woman can feel being pregnant. But there is nothing to get disheartened about. The world is advancing and so are the technologies.

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The surrogacy option can easily fit in your area and there is nothing bad in it. Though there are certain factors that one must take care of during the procedure, as there are few risks involved as everything comes with pros and cons. Hence it is always advisable to get your facts cleared before you opt for this option.

By Dr Anoop Gupta



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