Benefits of 4D Baby Scan for the Expecting Mother and Unborn Baby


Baby scanning technology can show the gradual development of the fetus during the trimesters. 2, 3, and 4-D are the different types of scan performed during a woman’s gestation period. All of them are non-invasive and non-surgical procedures that can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes. These tests do not cause any pain, and hence, you need not to panic.

2D is the older one, whereas 4D baby scan is the recent advancement having improved features including better images of the unborn child, and showing videos in a four dimensional to the expecting parents. The practitioners have worked for several years in this industry and can conduct the scan effectively. They use a probe, which can produce sound waves to form the foetus image displayed on the monitor.

4D baby scan is done in the 26-27 weeks of pregnancy. In this, a gel is applied on the abdominal and a probe is moved to capture an image. It is done to examine the gradual growth of the foetus. It can also show the unborn baby’s movement in four dimension. You can watch the smiling face, sucking thumb or yawning in a 4-D view. Get a DVD and still images to watch them anytime. Send images and videos to the closed friends via email. Know the gender, and check the heartbeat of the little one with it. The doctor can also discover birth defects, like cleft palate, which might not be possible on a standard ultrasound. He can also detect the fetal abnormalities and can cure them on time.

Beware of the practitioners who ensure to conduct the scan in inexpensive prices. They may not have the required qualifications and skills, and can put the lives of both (mother and baby) at risk. Call on a reputed clinic, equipped with qualified specialists for doing the scans safely. Talk to your doctor regarding its positive and negative effects, before visiting the clinic for the baby scan. Your doctor knows your health condition from the beginning. He can understand you well and also, can explain in details about the baby scanning technology. If you have any query, do not hesitate to clear it.

Many sonographers claim to conduct the scans effectively. To filter your choice, surf the web to know the details of baby scan clinics in your area. Read reviews and testimonials to know about popular specialists in your area. Ask your known ones who have recently availed these services. The suggestions from the known ones will build your confidence in the sonographers and you would be able to go to the experts with confidence.

Making a prior appointment will save your time and you do not need to wait in the long queue. Ask the doctor to email the videos and images of the little one. He will also keep updated you about the health so that necessary precaution could be taken on time before it gets too late. So, visit the reputed specialist for 4D baby scan

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By J. Adam Smith



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