Why it’s better to Buy Generic Viagra?


Haven’t you ever been tempted to buy half price generic Viagra over the expensive Pfizer versions. Of course you have its just natural. As humans we are all wired in such a way that we are on the constant lookout for a better deal. It’s why Amazon and eBay are billion dollar enterprises. But when it comes to medications there is always a nagging doubt. Should I be looking to save money when my health is at stake? There are so many pharmaceutical companies sponsored videos and articles warning patients about the risks of buying ‘cheap fake’ medications. But can you include Generic Viagra in that criterion? Or is it safe to buy Generic Viagra without having any doubts about its effectiveness?

Same product sans the glitzy name

The first thing that you must remember about buying generic medications is that they are composed of the same chemical component as the brand name counterpart. Here are the FDA stipulated criteria’s that every generic medication must fulfill

*Generic medications must contain the same active component as the original medication (in this case sildenafil citrate) that too in same dosages as well as with an identical route of administration. However generic medications don’t have any stipulations on the composition of the inactive substances like color.

*The amount of the drug in the blood after consumption of a generic medicine must be identical to the brand name medication. This way the medication can be termed to be biochemically equivalent.

*The manufacture as well as packaging technology used in generic medicines must be of similar standards as the original medication.
As you can see from the above criterion generic version of Viagra is also as safe and effective as the original medication.

This deal is too good because it just is

The advantage of buying generic medicines is the affordable costs at which it can be purchased. Generic manufacturers have lower costs in investment which makes it possible for them to sell at lower rates. There is no deal in this. Even when you buy at such low rates they are able to pocket a healthy profit. Generic manufacturers don’t have to concern themselves with research or development which often saves them an enormous amount. Add to that the fact there is no need to conduct expensive clinical trials, it brings down the cost of the medications even more.

There are offers such as Viagra coupon when buying online which allows customers to get added discounts on their purchases. Another great advantage of buying online is that you can avail free samples. This will allow a first time customer to get a sample pack free of cost. How to get Viagra samples? It’s simple really. All you have to do is select a trusted online pharmacy. Click on the link for free samples. Complete a registration form and order your free sample.

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