The scent of Italian lasagna brings the satisfaction of Italian flavor


Girls who like Western food will not miss the delicious Italian lasagna. This is a very classic family cuisine. Its simple production method is also why girls love it. Even when you are at home, you can do a lasagna, its deliciousness is very easy to save, so that you can continue to taste delicious next meal.

The popularity of the lasagna also comes from its casual and efficient. With the precise production of desserts, the lasagna can be said to be very heroic, and the ingredients are a little bit less and will not affect its deliciousness. And its production is also very interesting, the superposition of layers is not complicated, the combination of various ingredients can be said to be free, and the most important part is to complete the oven. Girls only need to wait quietly for the fragrance to emanate. They can also take a break in cooking, which is very suitable for working women after work. Share one of the most classic lasagna making methods, so that Western flavors can also be easily made by you.

The pasta we usually say is made of bolognese, full of meat wrapped in the dough, is a paradise for carnivorous girls. Everyone in Europe makes a different approach, but its basics are very simple. You can do the delicious cooking in a step-by-step manner.

The first is the choice of fresh materials, fresh pasta is the first choice, if you can’t buy it in the mall, and you don’t bother to do it yourself, just add a little more water to the sauce to make the dough soft and chewy. Place the dough in the salt water for ten minutes and adjust the time according to the state of the dough. Remove the cold water or oil to prevent them from becoming soft and sticky and affecting the taste together.

The most important taste control is also in the meat sauce, and the beef sauce with the smoked flavor is the most popular. This requires the use of Bacon’s natural smoky flavor. Chop it and now fry the oil and then add the marinated beef. The sauce made with canned tomatoes and ketchup is delicious, and it saves time. It is cooked with spices and alcohol. After the minced meat is put in, the water in the meat sauce is gradually reduced. If time is sufficient, You can prepare the meat sauce a few hours in advance until its taste is fully blended.

There is also a kind of seasoning in the lasagna is very important, the lack of it is like the lack of soul, that is the milky scented white sauce. White sauce is particularly important in Western-style dining. It is often used as a base for stews, and it is smooth and easy to make. Heat and stir with butter and flour first. When the flour is smashed, pour it into the milk and stir it. Add black pepper to taste, the cheese is crushed and put together to cook. Wait until all the ingredients are in a paste to indicate completion.


Once you’ve prepared all the ingredients, take out your oven-specific deep-baked pan and start the plate. Stack all the layers of the dough, chopped vegetables, meat sauce, white sauce and cheese. Choose a variety of different cheeses to make the taste more layered. Decide how many layers you want to place based on the depth of your dish and the amount of food you eat.

Waiting until the lasagna is baked, it is also a time for girls to take a break. Finish it, wait for a meal full of ritual flavor. You may need to be an afternoon to make, but the lasagna will definitely make you feel worthwhile. Do not cut the lasagna just made, it is easy to loose at this time. After a little rest, it will become more compact. The high-stacked lasagna is full of flavor, and a deep bite will definitely make you feel happy. For any girl who likes Western cuisine, it is a feast that cannot be missed.

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