Squat is painful, but it is good, not just a strength training


Many people will feel this way when they are squatting: flustered, panting, especially sore in the legs after the completion… Maybe the sport is more resistant, but do you know? In fact, squats are also good for the body. When you can’t keep going, tell yourself to do it again. When you do it once more, tell yourself to do another group, and this will change from the beginning of resistance to slowly accept.

After all, squats not only can exercise the leg muscles, but also have a great influence on the development of the whole body muscles. Doing squats not only makes the lower body more powerful, but also exercises to the core of the body, so that our body is full of energy. . Of course, in addition to these, it has these benefits.

1, exercise the body muscles


Many people know this, and this is unquestionable, but many people even know that they are not willing to do it. Why is this? You may feel exaggerated, but in fact, people who have done savvy will have this kind of Feeling, when you do, your teeth must be bitten. After you have finished squatting, you feel that your legs are not your own legs, but it can actually exercise the muscles of our body and make our body lines more beautiful.

2, improve heart and lung function


Although every time we do squats, we feel that it is particularly disgusting to do, and the heart just jumps out, but in fact it is good for the body. In this process, our heart and lung function will also be improved, because this To be a high-intensity training, blood transport is required very quickly, and the heart and lungs will be strengthened.

3, able to exercise willpower


If you can stick to the squat, it means that you are a very powerful person, because many people can’t finish it when they start to squat, so each increase is a kind of difficulty. In this process, we will exercise our willpower, let us break through the limits again and again, and achieve better self. This is the high unity of mind and body.



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