How to eat beef? With chili, smooth and tender


There are often people who complain that the beef made in their homes is always chewed. Even if they are salted with starch or chewed, they simply don’t want to continue eating. In fact, they need to put the beef in the starch. It’s not exactly the same that you can fry, but there are a lot of secrets!

First of all, when we choose beef, we should choose the tender part of the beef, which is the tenderloin. The second is the texture of our meat. It should be cut against the texture of the meat. The thinness is moderate, so it will not appear. In the case of chewing, in the process of pickling, in addition to adding starch, it is best to add egg white, so that the beef is guaranteed to be more smooth and tender. Then, pay attention to the above problems and make a beef together~ Make sure the beef is smooth and juicy~


Beef, red pepper, green pepper


Fuel consumption, cooking wine, starch, onion ginger garlic, pepper, coriander


1. Rinse the beef, cut it into slices against the texture, and marinate the seasoning for half an hour.

2. red pepper, green pepper cut into foam

3.prepare a pot to preheat, pour the oil, into the red pepper, green peppers

4.after adding beef, this time should pay attention to the beef after the beef should be quickly stir-fry, the meat can be discolored the plate can be added according to their own taste and then add some parsley placed on it

This way, the dish is ready, is it easy to learn? It is very convenient. And the scent of the pepper is all melted into the beef. It is very important to eat. But the last thing to notice is that the red pepper and green pepper are stir-fried. When you must control the heat, as well as when you are frying beef, you should pay attention to the time of stir-fry if you want to eat smooth beef. Otherwise, the meat will become old because you lose too much water. Come and try it out, and after cooking it, it’s wonderful!



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